CARRON Paris Home Accessories Handmade in France by Mathilde Carron-Astier de Villatte

Celebrating French Ceramics and Porcelain

Timeless French Ceramics and Porcelain Savoir-Faire

Unique fusion of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary French ceramics and porcelain design.

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Apolline platter-CARRON-ParisApolline platter
Apolline platter Sale priceFrom €110,00
Mademoiselle plate-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle plate-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle plate Sale priceFrom €68,00
Heart dish-Paris-CARRON-ParisHeart dish
Heart dish Sale priceFrom €53,00
Charles plate-CARRON-ParisCharles plate-Handmade in France by CARRON
Charles plate Sale priceFrom €58,00
Mademoiselle platter-Classic (33x19,5x2cm)-Handmade in France by CARRONMademoiselle platter-Handmade in France by CARRON
Mademoiselle platter Sale priceFrom €142,00
Paris plate-CARRON-ParisParis plate
Paris plate Sale priceFrom €47,00
Paris-Design by Mathilde Carron-Astier de Villatte
Mon Ange cherub plate-Bread plate ⌀14 H1,4-CARRON-ParisMon Ange cherub plate-Handmade in France by CARRON
Mon Ange cherub plate Sale priceFrom €58,00
Paris footed bowl-CARRON-ParisParis footed bowl-CARRON-Paris
Paris footed bowl Sale priceFrom €89,00
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Marie-Antoinette oval platter-41x30x2cm-Handmade in France by CARRONMarie-Antoinette oval platter-21x14x1cm-CARRON-Paris
Marie-Antoinette oval platter Sale priceFrom €105,00
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Marie-Antoinette platter with handle-M (17x21xcm)-Handmade in France by CARRONMarie-Antoinette platter with handle-Handmade in France by CARRON
Marie-Antoinette platter with handle Sale priceFrom €100,00
Campagne plate-CARRON-ParisCampagne plate-Flat plate ⌀27 H1,5-CARRON-Paris
Campagne plate Sale priceFrom €79,00
Salad bowl Mademoiselle-20x20x6cm-Handmade in France by CARRONSalad bowl Mademoiselle-20x20x6cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle salad bowl Sale price€152,00
Mon Jules bowl on foot-CARRON-ParisMon Jules bowl on foot-Handmade in France by CARRON
Mon Jules bowl on foot Sale priceFrom €100,00