On the road to Saint Jacques, the shell guides our steps, on our plates the small shells guide our forks!


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Saint-Jacques plate-⌀21 H2-CARRON-ParisSaint-Jacques plate
Saint-Jacques plate Sale priceFrom $88.00
Salad bowl Couronne-⌀25 H6-CARRON-ParisSaint-Jacques salad bowl
Saint-Jacques salad bowl Sale priceFrom $130.00
Soap dish Saint Jaques-12x12x3-CARRON-ParisSaint-Jacques jewelry cup
Saint-Jacques jewelry cup Sale price$94.00
Small platter Couronne-24x17x3-CARRON-ParisSaint-Jacques small platter-24x17x2cm-CARRON-Paris
Saint-Jacques small platter Sale price$100.00
Platter Couronne-28x25x3-CARRON-ParisPlatter Couronne-28x25x3-CARRON-Paris
Saint-Jacques platter Sale price$110.00
Ovale platter Saint Jacques-42x31x4-CARRON-ParisSaint-Jacques oval platter-42x31x4-CARRON-Paris
Saint-Jacques oval platter Sale price$263.00
Sold out
Saint-Jacques tureen-23x30x16cm-CARRON-ParisSaint-Jacques tureen-23x30x16cm-CARRON-Paris
Saint-Jacques tureen Sale price$357.00
Soap dish Saint Jaques-17x15x3-CARRON-ParisSaint-Jacques soap dish
Saint-Jacques soap dish Sale price$112.00
Round platter Couronne-⌀32 H3-CARRON-ParisRound platter Couronne-⌀32 H3-CARRON-Paris
Saint-Jacques round platter Sale price$135.00
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Salad bowl Saint Jacques-23x30x16-CARRON-ParisSaint-Jacques tureen-23x30x16cm-CARRON-Paris
Saint-Jacques salad bowl Sale price$268.00
Saint-Jacques tureenSaint-Jacques tureen
Saint-Jacques tureen Sale price$230.00
Saint-Jacques oval platterSaint-Jacques oval platter
Saint-Jacques oval platter Sale price$184.00