The Ramekins & Gravy Boats-Design Mathilde Carron-Astier de Villatte

The Ramekins & Gravy Boats


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Apolline mini platter for sauce-10x8x1-CARRON-ParisApolline mini platter for sauce
Mademoiselle mini platter for sauce-10x8x1-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle mini platter for sauce-10x8x1-CARRON-Paris
Heart dish-Paris-CARRON-ParisHeart dish
Heart dish Sale priceFrom €53,00
Paris egg cup-7x7x7cm-CARRON-ParisParis egg cup-7x7x7cm-CARRON-Paris
Paris egg cup Sale price€79,00
Couronne chiseled serving bowl-11x11x3,5cm-CARRON-ParisCouronne chiseled serving bowl
Couronne chiseled serving bowl-CARRON-ParisCouronne chiseled serving bowl
Couronne chiseled serving bowl Sale priceFrom €79,00
Couronne chiseled serving bowl-14x14x4cm-CARRON-ParisCouronne chiseled serving bowl-14x14x4cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Couronne chiseled serving bowl Sale price€110,00
Small ramekin Mademoiselle-13x13x5-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle small ramekin-13x13x5cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle small ramekin Sale price€100,00
Charles gravy boat-11,5x7x4,5cm-Handmade in France by CARRONCharles gravy boat
Charles gravy boat Sale price€89,00
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Couronne serving bowl-11x11x3,5cm-CARRON-ParisCouronne serving bowl-11x11x3,5cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Couronne serving bowl Sale price€79,00
Paris gravy boat-11x11x4,5cm-CARRON-ParisParis gravy boat-11x11x4,5cm-CARRON-Paris
Paris gravy boat Sale price€79,00
Paris serving salad bowlParis serving salad bowl-CARRON-Paris
Paris serving salad bowl Sale priceFrom €74,00
Couronne floral serving bowl-⌀14 H5-CARRON-ParisCouronne floral serving bowl-⌀14 H5-CARRON-Paris
Couronne floral serving bowl Sale price€100,00
Mademoiselle ramekin-10x10x8,5cm-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle ramekin-10x10x8,5cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle ramekin Sale price€89,00
Pivoine condiment server-8x8x1,5cm-CARRON-ParisPivoine condiment server-8x8x1,5cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Pivoine condiment server Sale price€47,00
Marie-Antoinette ramekin-⌀7cm-CARRON-ParisMarie-Antoinette ramekin-⌀7cm-CARRON-Paris
Marie-Antoinette ramekin Sale price€79,00
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Charles gravy boat with saucer-20x14x5,3cm-Handmade in France by CARRONCharles gravy boat with saucer-20x14x5,3cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Charles gravy boat with saucer Sale price€110,00
Charles round gravy boat-16x11,5x6cm-CARRON-ParisCharles round gravy boat
Charles round gravy boat Sale price€95,00
Paris round gravy boat-16x11,5x6cm-CARRON-ParisParis round gravy boat
Paris round gravy boat Sale price€84,00
Paris Ramekin-8x8x5cm-CARRON-ParisParis Ramekin-8x8x5cm-CARRON-Paris
Paris Ramekin Sale price€68,00
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Mon Jules round gravy boat with saucer-20x14x5,3cm-CARRON-ParisMon Jules round gravy boat with saucer-20x14x5,3cm-CARRON-Paris
Louis XV condiment server-6,5x6,5x0,5cm-CARRON-ParisLouis XV condiment server-6,5x6,5x0,5cm-CARRON-Paris
Louis XV condiment server Sale price€42,00