Paris Collection


This collection designed by Mathilde Carron-Astier de Villatte is minimalist, like the inspiring base on which the ornaments of the other collections, Charles, Mon Jules, Moineau, Pivoine, Rose .... Paris is my hometown, my nurturing land... This simple service is the basis for your most beautiful tables because it allows you to add all the pieces of tableware, the richest, silverware, crystal,... to the most rustic, stoneware pot, wooden board, slate presentation plate...


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Paris plate-CARRON-ParisParis plate-Serving plate ⌀30-CARRON-Paris
Paris plate Sale priceFrom $52.00
Heart dish-Paris-CARRON-ParisHeart dish-CARRON-Paris
Heart dish Sale priceFrom $58.00
Paris footed bowl-CARRON-ParisParis footed bowl-CARRON-Paris
Paris footed bowl Sale priceFrom $98.00
Paris footed vase-Handmade in France by CARRONParis footed vase-CARRON-Paris
Paris footed vase Sale priceFrom $138.00
Paris mug with handle-CARRON-ParisParis mug with handle-CARRON-Paris
Paris mug with handle Sale priceFrom $87.00
Soft eco sponge Sale price$18.00
Paris cup with decorated handle-CARRON-ParisParis cup with decorated handle-XS (⌀7 H7,5)-CARRON-Paris
Paris cup with decorated handle Sale priceFrom $87.00
Butter dish Paris-22x15x9-CARRON-ParisParis butter dish-22x15x2cm-CARRON-Paris
Paris butter dish Sale price$133.00
Paris saucer-11x11x1cm-Handmade in France by CARRONParis saucer-Handmade in France by CARRON
Paris saucer Sale priceFrom $52.00
Candle Pins-CARRON-ParisCandle Pins-CARRON-Paris
Candle Pins Sale priceFrom $46.00
Mugs Vénus & Apollon-CARRON-ParisMugs Vénus & Apollon-CARRON-Paris
Vénus & Apollon mug Sale priceFrom $115.00
Paris serving salad bowl-12x12x4cm-CARRON-ParisParis serving bowl-Handmade in France by CARRON
Paris serving salad bowl Sale priceFrom $81.00
Paris Stemmed glass (4-Pack)-S (⌀8 H7,5cm)-CARRON-ParisParis Stemmed glass (4-Pack)-CARRON-Paris
Paris Stemmed glass Sale priceFrom $52.00
Paris mug-CARRON-ParisParis mug-M (7x7x6cm)-CARRON-Paris
Paris tumbler Sale priceFrom $75.00
Paris glass (4-Pack)-S (⌀8 H7,5cm)-CARRON-ParisParis glass (4-Pack)-CARRON-Paris
Paris glass tumbler Sale priceFrom $46.00
Vases Vénus & Apollon-CARRON-ParisVases Vénus & Apollon-Apollon-CARRON-Paris
Vénus & Apollon vase Sale priceFrom $173.00
Paris spaghetti plate-Spaghetti plate ⌀25-Handmade in France by CARRONParis spaghetti plate-Spaghetti plate ⌀26 H5-CARRON-Paris
Paris spaghetti plate Sale price$115.00
Paris oval platter-21x14x2cm-CARRON-ParisParis oval platter-Handmade in France by CARRON
Paris oval platter Sale priceFrom $87.00
Paris cup with handle-CARRON-ParisParis cup with handle-XS (9x7 H5)-CARRON-Paris
Paris cup with handle Sale priceFrom $81.00
Rectangular platter Paris-24x19x1-CARRON-ParisParis rectangular platter-CARRON-Paris
Paris rectangular platter Sale priceFrom $87.00
Paris footed cup with handle-L (11x14x7,5cm)-CARRON-ParisParis footed cup with handle-L (11x14x7,5cm)-CARRON-Paris
Paris incense-CARRON-ParisParis incense-CARRON-Paris
Paris incense Sale price$35.00
Paris gravy boat-11x11x4,5cm-CARRON-ParisParis gravy boat-11x11x4,5cm-CARRON-Paris
Paris gravy boat Sale price$87.00
Paris bowl-CARRON-ParisParis cup-Handmade in France by CARRON
Paris bowl Sale priceFrom $69.00
Paris candle-CARRON-ParisParis candle-CARRON-Paris
Paris candle Sale priceFrom $46.00
Paris Hyperbowl-19x19x14,5cm-Handmade in France by CARRONParis Hyperbowl-19x19x14,5cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Paris Hyperbowl Sale price$133.00
Salad bowl Paris-31x31x11-CARRON-ParisSalad bowl Paris-31x31x11-CARRON-Paris
Paris salad bowl Sale price$144.00
Paris ceramic candle-S (8x8x14cm)-CARRON-ParisParis ceramic candle-CARRON-Paris
Paris ceramic candle Sale priceFrom $167.00
Paris rectangular platter-18x12x2cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Paris rectangular platter Sale price$87.00
Paris espresso cup with handle-XS (⌀4,5 H7,5)-CARRON-ParisParis tube cup with handle-4,5x4,5x7,5cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Candle holder Paris-6.5x7.5⌀-CARRON-ParisParis candle holder
Paris candle holder Sale price$81.00
Cylindrical candle-CARRON-ParisCylindrical candle-White-CARRON-Paris
Cylindrical candle Sale priceFrom $23.00
Paris egg cup-7x7x7cm-CARRON-ParisParis egg cup-7x7x7cm-CARRON-Paris
Paris egg cup Sale price$87.00
Paris round vase with handles-24x24x18cm-Handmade in France by CARRONParis round vase with handles-24x24x18cm-CARRON-Paris
Paris large pitcher-CARRON-ParisParis large pitcher-CARRON-Paris
Paris large pitcher Sale priceFrom $253.00
Pichet Paris-CARRON-ParisPichet Paris-CARRON-Paris
Paris pitcher Sale price$121.00
Taper thin candle (6-Pack)-CARRON-ParisTaper thin candle (6-Pack)-CARRON-Paris
Birthday candle (6-Pack)-White-CARRON-ParisBirthday candle (6-Pack)-CARRON-Paris
Birthday candle (6-Pack) Sale price$23.00
Pichet Paris-CARRON-ParisPichet Paris-CARRON-Paris
Paris tall pitcher Sale price$127.00
Paris round gravy boat-16x11,5x6cm-CARRON-Paris
Paris round gravy boat Sale price$92.00
Paris tile-CARRON-ParisParis tile-CARRON-Paris
Paris tile Sale priceFrom $52.00
Swan candle holder Paris-5x8x7⌀x4⌀-CARRON-ParisSwan candle holder Paris-5x8x7⌀x4⌀-CARRON-Paris
Paris Swan candle holder Sale price$121.00
Traditional candle holder Paris-9x17⌀-CARRON-ParisTraditional candle holder Paris-9x17⌀-CARRON-Paris
Paris plate-Shallow plate ⌀21-Handmade in France by CARRONParis plate-Handmade in France by CARRON
Paris shallow plate Sale priceFrom $87.00
Paris chandelier-CARRON-ParisParis chandelier-CARRON-Paris
Paris chandelier Sale priceFrom $207.00
Taper candle (6-Pack)-CARRON-ParisTaper candle (6-Pack)-CARRON-Paris
Taper candle (6-Pack) Sale price$35.00
Incense Holder Paris-0.8x5⌀-CARRON-Paris
Incense Holder Paris Sale price$52.00
Paris Serving bowl-15x15x9cm-CARRON-ParisParis Serving bowl-15x15x9cm-CARRON-Paris
Paris Serving bowl Sale price$98.00
Paris Ramekin-8x8x5cm-CARRON-ParisParis Ramekin-8x8x5cm-CARRON-Paris
Paris Ramekin Sale price$75.00