Mon Jules

A head with curly hair surrounded by a laurel wreath in low relief adorns the various elements of this table service including plates, dishes, bowls, salad bowls, garden pots... Made with ceramic finely enamelled in brilliant white, this classical table service will know how to adorn your most beautiful tables and will soon be embellished with new pieces.


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Mon Jules footed vase-S (8x8x14cm)-Handmade in France by CARRONMon Jules footed vase-Handmade in France by CARRON
Mon Jules footed vase Sale priceFrom $150.00
Mon Jules vase-L (20x20x28cm)-CARRON-ParisMon Jules vase-L (20x20x28cm)-CARRON-Paris
Mon Jules vase Sale price$363.00
Mon Jules round gravy boat with saucer-20x14x5,3cm-CARRON-ParisMon Jules round gravy boat with saucer-20x14x5,3cm-CARRON-Paris
Mon Jules serving bowl-15x15x9cm-CARRON-ParisMon Jules serving bowl-15x15x9cm-CARRON-Paris
Mon Jules serving bowl Sale price$110.00
Mon Jules bowl on foot-CARRON-ParisMon Jules bowl on foot-Handmade in France by CARRON
Mon Jules bowl on foot Sale priceFrom $110.00
Mon Jules Hyperbowl-19x19x14,5cm-CARRON-ParisMon Jules Hyperbowl-19x19x14,5cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Mon Jules Hyperbowl Sale price$144.00
Mon Jules serving bowl-20x20x6cm-CARRON-ParisMon Jules serving bowl-20x20x6cm-CARRON-Paris
Mon Jules serving bowl Sale price$121.00
Mon Jules serving bowl with handle-33x33x18cm-CARRON-ParisMon Jules serving bowl with handle-33x33x18cm-CARRON-Paris
Mon Jules salad bowl-CARRON-ParisMon Jules salad bowl-CARRON-Paris
Mon Jules salad bowl Sale priceFrom $179.00
Mon Jules plate-CARRON-ParisMon Jules plate-Flat plate ⌀25 H2,5-CARRON-Paris
Mon Jules plate Sale priceFrom $104.00
Mon Jules planter-CARRON-ParisMon Jules planter-CARRON-Paris
Mon Jules planter Sale priceFrom $213.00
Ceramic brooch-CARRON-ParisCeramic brooch-CARRON-Paris
Ceramic brooch Sale price$46.00
Candle Pins-CARRON-ParisCandle Pins-CARRON-Paris
Candle Pins Sale priceFrom $46.00