Made from finely enameled white ceramic, the Campagne collection evokes the tables of yesteryear French residences. In this collection, the umbilicus (the bottom) is round, wide and flat, the inclined edges are detailed, bordered by a marli whose irregular course sometimes seems improvised and which gives this model all its originality. This simple and delicate collection goes easily with old or very contemporary crockery of multiple materials, glass, metal, slate, wood,... without ever losing its strength.


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Campagne plate-CARRON-ParisCampagne plate-Flat plate ⌀27 H1,5-CARRON-Paris
Campagne plate Sale priceFrom €79,00
Campagne platter-30x30x2cm-Handmade in France by CARRONCampagne platter-30x30x2cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Campagne platter Sale price€121,00
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Campagne shallow plate-Shallow plate ⌀24 H4-Handmade in France by CARRONCampagne shallow plate-Shallow plate ⌀24 H4-Handmade in France by CARRON
Campagne shallow plate Sale price€89,00
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Large platter Campagne-55x43x5-CARRON-ParisLarge platter Campagne-55x43x5-CARRON-Paris
Campagne large platter Sale price€310,00
Campagne large platter-45x36x5cm-CARRON-ParisLarge platter Campagne-45x36x5-CARRON-Paris
Campagne large platter Sale price€299,00
Campagne large platterCampagne large platter
Campagne large platter Sale price€95,00