A round collection, some plates look like flowers with spread petals, vases and bowls have balls, Mademoiselle is a chic table service. In the Middle Ages Mademoiselle designates a young girl or an unmarried woman, also designates a princess, we then think of the nobility of Mademoiselle Coco Chanel of course....


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Mademoiselle stemmed glass (4-Pack)-12cm-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle stemmed glass (4-Pack)-14cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle stemmed glass Sale price€53,00
Mademoiselle glass (4-Pack)-S (⌀8,5 H9cm)-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle glass (4-Pack)-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle glass Sale priceFrom €47,00
Mademoiselle platter-Classic (33x19,5x2cm)-Handmade in France by CARRONMademoiselle platter-Handmade in France by CARRON
Mademoiselle platter Sale priceFrom €142,00
Mademoiselle plate-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle plate-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle plate Sale priceFrom €68,00
Salad bowl Mademoiselle-20x20x6cm-Handmade in France by CARRONSalad bowl Mademoiselle-20x20x6cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle salad bowl Sale price€152,00
Mademoiselle vase-13x13x17cm-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle vase-13x13x17cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle vase Sale price€215,00
Mademoiselle cake stand-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle cake stand-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle cake stand Sale priceFrom €170,00
Round platter Mademoiselle-24x24x4-CARRON-ParisRound platter Mademoiselle-24x24x4-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle round platter Sale price€110,00
Mademoiselle square platter-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle square platter-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle square platter Sale priceFrom €116,00
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Mademoiselle footed bowl-20x20x15cm-Handmade in France by CARRONMademoiselle footed bowl-20x20x15cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle footed bowl Sale price€252,00
Mademoiselle coaster-14x14x0.5cm-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle coaster-⌀14 H0.5-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle coaster Sale price€58,00
Mademoiselle shallow plate-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle shallow plate
Mademoiselle shallow plate Sale priceFrom €100,00
Mademoiselle serving bowl-15x15x8cm-Handmade in France by CARRONMademoiselle serving bowl-15x15x8cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle serving bowl Sale price€116,00
Mademoiselle glass vase-M (⌀20 H23cm)-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle glass vase-S (⌀15 H19cm)-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle glass vase Sale priceFrom €205,00
Round pichet Paris-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle round pitcher-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle round pitcher Sale priceFrom €100,00
Mademoiselle square swimmer platter-38x29,5x4,5cm-Handmade in France by CARRONMademoiselle square swimmer platter-31x30x4,5cm-CARRON-Paris
Small platter Mademoiselle-21x15x3-CARRON-ParisSmall platter Mademoiselle-21x15x3-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle small platter Sale price€89,00
Mademoiselle Carafe & Glass-⌀14 H21-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle Carafe & Glass-⌀14 H21-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle Carafe & Glass Sale price€210,00
Small ramekin Mademoiselle-13x13x5-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle small ramekin-13x13x5cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle small ramekin Sale price€100,00
Mademoiselle mini platter for sauce-10x8x1-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle mini platter for sauce-10x8x1-CARRON-Paris
Cup with handle Mademoiselle-8x9x4cm-CARRON-ParisCup with handle Mademoiselle-8x9x4cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle cup with handle Sale price€95,00
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Mademoiselle Carafe & Glass Pink-⌀14 H21-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle Carafe & Glass Pink-⌀14 H21-CARRON-Paris
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Mademoiselle ramekin-10x10x8,5cm-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle ramekin-10x10x8,5cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle ramekin Sale price€89,00
Mademoiselle mini bowl-8x8x4cm-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle mini bowl-8x8x4cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle mini bowl Sale price€84,00
Paris round pitcher-24x24x18cm-Handmade in France by CARRONParis round pitcher-24x24x18cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Mademoiselle round pitcher Sale price€289,00
4 x Mademoiselle stemmed glassesMademoiselle stemmed glass (4-Pack)-12cm-CARRON-Paris
Small platter MademoiselleSmall platter Mademoiselle
Small platter Mademoiselle Sale price€40,00 Regular price€58,00
Small platter MademoiselleSmall platter Mademoiselle
Small platter Mademoiselle Sale price€40,00 Regular price€58,00
Small platter MademoiselleSmall platter Mademoiselle
Small platter Mademoiselle Sale price€46,00 Regular price€58,00
Mademoiselle vaseMademoiselle vase
Mademoiselle vase Sale price€110,00
Mademoiselle round pitcherMademoiselle round pitcher
Mademoiselle round pitcher Sale price€231,00
Mademoiselle personalized square plateMademoiselle personalized square plate
Mademoiselle personalized square plate Sale price€94,00 Regular price€135,00
Mademoiselle square swimmer platterMademoiselle square swimmer platter
Mademoiselle square swimmer platter Sale price€121,00 Regular price€152,00
Mademoiselle cake standMademoiselle cake stand
Mademoiselle cake stand Sale price€153,00