The crown of flowers, the crown in heraldry.... the crown marks the dignity of kings, princes, lords, beauty queens, Orthodox bridegrooms .... the crown is an ornament that surrounds the head, we find in this collection the round shape of the crown which is declined in different decorative objects, candle holder, empty pocket, jewelry receptacle , dish to present red fruits or desserts...


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Couronne chiseled serving bowl-14x14x4cm-CARRON-ParisCouronne chiseled serving bowl-14x14x4cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Couronne chiseled serving bowl Sale price€110,00
Couronne candle holder-Chiseled crown / 2x8.5⌀-CARRON-ParisCouronne candle holder-CARRON-Paris
Couronne candle holder Sale priceFrom €74,00
Couronne candle holder on foot-CARRON-ParisCouronne candle holder on foot-CARRON-Paris
Couronne candle holder on foot Sale priceFrom €168,00
Couronne chiseled serving bowl-11x11x3,5cm-CARRON-ParisCouronne chiseled serving bowl
Couronne chiseled serving bowl-CARRON-ParisCouronne chiseled serving bowl
Couronne chiseled serving bowl Sale priceFrom €79,00
Couronne serving bowl-11x11x3,5cm-CARRON-ParisCouronne serving bowl-11x11x3,5cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Couronne serving bowl Sale price€79,00
Couronne floral serving bowl-⌀14 H5-CARRON-ParisCouronne floral serving bowl-⌀14 H5-CARRON-Paris
Couronne floral serving bowl Sale price€100,00
Couronne chiseled serving bowlCouronne chiseled serving bowl