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Paris tumbler

  • This item is not perfectly round
  • Irregular enamel with potential light stains, small dots, or visible seams. Please examine the pictures closely
  • Apparent defect, please see product pictures

Simple & versatile tumbler, for your drinks, desserts, on your desk for your supplies or in the bathroom for your toothbrushes

Factory sale price€47,00
Regular price(Factory sale item: discount applied. Regular price: €79,00)
In stock
Dimensions (cm): L (⌀8.5 H10)


CARRON's manufacturing workshop in the south of France occasionally sets aside items with minor flaws. These items are then photographed at the factory and sold online with discounts ranging from 20 to 50%. The sale is updated from time to time, subscribe to be informed first.

Discounted prices are shown • Thicker items: 30% off • Prototypes, custom, or special items: 20% to 30% off • Items with aesthetic flaws: 30 to 50% off

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