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Apolline platter-CARRON-ParisApolline platter-CARRON-Paris
Apolline platter Sale priceFrom $120.00
Mademoiselle plate-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle plate-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle plate Sale priceFrom $74.00
Nœud-Nœud cup with handle-M (8x8x6cm)-CARRON-ParisNœud-Nœud cup with handle-CARRON-Paris
Nœud-Nœud cup with handle Sale priceFrom $114.00
Paris plate-CARRON-ParisParis plate-Serving plate ⌀30-CARRON-Paris
Paris plate Sale priceFrom $51.00
Mademoiselle platter-Classic (33x19,5x2cm)-Handmade in France by CARRONMademoiselle platter-Handmade in France by CARRON
Mademoiselle platter Sale priceFrom $154.00
Mon Jules footed vase-S (8x8x14cm)-Handmade in France by CARRONMon Jules footed vase-Handmade in France by CARRON
Mon Jules footed vase Sale priceFrom $149.00
Mon Ange cherub plate-Bread plate ⌀14 H1,4-CARRON-ParisMon Ange cherub plate-Handmade in France by CARRON
Mon Ange cherub plate Sale priceFrom $63.00
Campagne plate-CARRON-ParisCampagne plate-Flat plate ⌀27 H1,5-CARRON-Paris
Campagne plate Sale priceFrom $86.00
Salad bowl Mademoiselle-20x20x6cm-Handmade in France by CARRONSalad bowl Mademoiselle-20x20x6cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle salad bowl Sale price$165.00
Marie-Antoinette knot saucer-XS (11x11x1cm)-CARRON-ParisMarie-Antoinette knot saucer-Handmade in France by CARRON
Marie-Antoinette knot saucer Sale priceFrom $63.00
Marie-Antoinette ribbon plate-CARRON-ParisMarie-Antoinette ribbon plate-CARRON-Paris
Marie-Antoinette ribbon plate Sale priceFrom $63.00
Mademoiselle vase-13x13x17cm-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle vase-13x13x17cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle vase Sale price$234.00
Charles footed vase-L (20x20x42cm)-CARRON-ParisCharles footed vase-M (15x15x28cm)-CARRON-Paris
Charles footed vase Sale priceFrom $149.00
Butter dish Paris-22x15x9-CARRON-ParisParis butter dish-22x15x2cm-CARRON-Paris
Paris butter dish Sale price$132.00
Charles mug with handle-CARRON-ParisCharles mug with handle-CARRON-Paris
Charles mug with handle Sale priceFrom $97.00
Mademoiselle glass (4-Pack)-S (⌀8,5 H9cm)-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle glass (4-Pack)-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle glass Sale priceFrom $51.00
Ma Poule incense box & censer-19x9x9cm-CARRON-ParisMa Poule incense box & censer-19x9x9cm-CARRON-Paris
Candle Pins-CARRON-ParisCandle Pins-CARRON-Paris
Candle Pins Sale priceFrom $46.00
Marie-Antoinette ribbon cup-Chocolate (8x8x6,5cm)-Handmade in France by CARRONMarie-Antoinette ribbon cup-Chocolate (14x12x9cm)-CARRON-Paris
Marie-Antoinette ribbon cup Sale price$114.00
Round platter Mademoiselle-24x24x4-CARRON-ParisRound platter Mademoiselle-24x24x4-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle round platter Sale price$120.00
Mademoiselle footed bowl-20x20x15cm-Handmade in France by CARRONMademoiselle footed bowl-20x20x15cm-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle footed bowl Sale price$274.00
Marie-Antoinette ribbon rectangular platter-18x12x2cm-Handmade in France by CARRONMarie-Antoinette ribbon rectangular platter-18x12x2cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Pivoine wedding cake stand-30x30x10cm-CARRON-ParisPivoine wedding cake stand-30x30x10cm-CARRON-Paris
Pivoine wedding cake stand Sale price$279.00
Marie-Antoinette ribbon salad bowl-21x21x6cm-CARRON-ParisMarie-Antoinette ribbon salad bowl-21x21x6cm-Handmade in France by CARRON
Campagne shallow plate-Shallow plate ⌀24 H4-Handmade in France by CARRONCampagne shallow plate-Shallow plate ⌀24 H4-Handmade in France by CARRON
Campagne shallow plate Sale price$97.00
Mon Ange mini vase-8x8x14cm-Handmade in France by CARRONMon Ange mini vase-Handmade in France by CARRON
Mon Ange mini vase Sale price$172.00
Paris Stemmed glass (4-Pack)-S (⌀8 H7,5cm)-CARRON-ParisParis Stemmed glass (4-Pack)-CARRON-Paris
Paris Stemmed glass Sale priceFrom $51.00
Mademoiselle stemmed glass (4-Pack)-12cm-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle stemmed glass (4-Pack)-14cm-CARRON-Paris
Couronne candle holder-Chiseled crown / 2x8.5⌀-CARRON-ParisCouronne candle holder-CARRON-Paris
Couronne candle holder Sale priceFrom $81.00
Moon footed vase-M (15x15x28cm)-Handmade in France by CARRONMoon footed vase-M (15x15x28cm)-CARRON-Paris
Moon footed vase Sale price$325.00
Paris incense-CARRON-ParisParis incense-CARRON-Paris
Paris incense Sale price$35.00
Pivoine censer-6x6x1.5-Handmade in France by CARRONPivoine censer-CARRON-Paris
Pivoine censer Sale priceFrom $51.00
Moon vase-L (21x21x27cm)-CARRON-Paris
Moon vase Sale price$382.00
Mademoiselle cake stand-CARRON-ParisMademoiselle cake stand-CARRON-Paris
Mademoiselle cake stand Sale priceFrom $185.00
Couronne candle holder on foot-CARRON-ParisCouronne candle holder on foot-CARRON-Paris
Couronne candle holder on foot Sale priceFrom $183.00
Flower candle holder Pivoine-Pivoine Taper-CARRON-ParisFlower candle holder Pivoine-CARRON-Paris
Candle holder Paris-6.5x7.5⌀-CARRON-ParisParis candle holder
Paris candle holder Sale price$81.00
Mon Ange large fruit pot-39x25x20cm-CARRON-ParisMon Ange large fruit pot-39x25x20cm-CARRON-Paris
Mon Ange large fruit pot Sale price$393.00
Nœud-Nœud footed vase-M (⌀15 H28)-CARRON-ParisNœud-Nœud footed vase-S (⌀8 H14)-CARRON-Paris
Nœud-Nœud footed vase Sale priceFrom $206.00
Cylindrical candle-CARRON-ParisCylindrical candle-White-CARRON-Paris
Cylindrical candle Sale priceFrom $23.00
Swan candle holder Paris-5x8x7⌀x4⌀-CARRON-ParisSwan candle holder Paris-5x8x7⌀x4⌀-CARRON-Paris
Paris Swan candle holder Sale price$120.00
Paris chandelier-CARRON-ParisParis chandelier-CARRON-Paris
Paris chandelier Sale priceFrom $205.00
Taper candle (6-Pack)-CARRON-ParisTaper candle (6-Pack)-CARRON-Paris
Taper candle (6-Pack) Sale price$35.00
Paris pitcher-S (8.5x13x11cm)-CARRON-ParisParis pitcher-S (8.5x13x11cm)-CARRON-Paris
Paris pitcher Sale price$286.00
Ceramic brooch-CARRON-ParisCeramic brooch-CARRON-Paris
Ceramic brooch Sale price$46.00
Précieuse cup-CARRON-ParisPrécieuse cup-CARRON-Paris
Précieuse cup Sale price$131.00
Paris pitcher with decorated handle-9x20x27cm-CARRON-ParisParis pitcher with decorated handle-9x20x27cm-CARRON-Paris
Louis XV candle holder-⌀7cm-CARRON-ParisLouis XV candle holder-⌀7cm-CARRON-Paris
Louis XV candle holder Sale price$58.00
Citron plate-CARRON-ParisCitron plate-CARRON-Paris
Montpellier plates Sale priceFrom $69.00