Care & aging of ceramic, enamel earthenware


Thanks to the fire cooking our ceramics are unalterable. Our items are made entirely of earthenware and can be put in the dishwasher. However, frequent dishwasher passage accelerates the aging of earthenware. For more precaution it is preferable to wash the objects with soapy water and soft sponge like our eco-sponge


Small cracks, or micro-cracks, which you can possibly observe on the surface of the objects constitute a characteristic specific to the earthenware, related to its aging. This phenomenon can appear quickly, or after many years. Earthenware remains a product, like wood, subject to temperature differences and does not appreciate thermal shock. You can of course use your mugs for tea or coffee, knowing that the water for a tea is rather around 70°.

Black traces, lines on ceramic plates

Depending on the quality of the blade of your knives, there will be traces on the surface of the plate of the passage of the blade of the knife. This comes from the composition of the blade of the knife which, either is excellent and does not deposit anything on the plate, or has an alloy which leaves a deposit on the enamel of the plate at the time of the cutting. If you have traces, they can be cleaned with a suitable product. But in no case these traces are due to the quality of our enamel. To personally use our dishes for daily use, we do not have this kind of problem. So we certainly have knife blades with a good alloy!