Springing Nature vase

Earth abounds, from the raw earth extracted from Mother Earth, a hollow form is born with multiple entrances decorated with knots. In the slightest opening, nature in all its strength can explode its beauty, no weariness, always more beautiful. This vase is glazed but will also be presented in black terra cotta, a more raw version. Real plantations can be staged, or the finest shoots can just as in the asphalt, find their way and expose themselves to the light.
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Dimensions: 20x20x50cm
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candles-by-mathilde-carron-astier-de-villatte-designed-candle-CARRON PARIS design Mathilde Carron-Astier de Villatte

The story behind


Marie-Antoinette, young queen, discovers to seize and the splendours and the golds of the France "cour". Intellectually curious and intelligent woman, sensitive to the harmony of things, in this collection the patterns linked to nature are taken up, flowers, insects, staged by knots & ribbons.

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