Paris candle

A attar of pure roses created specially by Maison Balzac, virtual bridge between the ancient fantasy of the Pompeii frescoes and the scents of rosa damascena, rosa centifolia, rosa gallican Officinal ...

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Dimensions: Large (8x8x10cm)
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Paris Collection

The story behind


This collection designed by Mathilde Carron-Astier de Villatte is minimalist, like the inspiring base on which the ornaments of the other collections, Charles, Mon Jules, Moineau, Pivoine, Rose .... It is on this table service that some artists like Pierre Carron wanted to deposit their inspiration. Paris is my hometown, my nurturing land... This simple service is the basis for your most beautiful tables because it allows you to add all the pieces of tableware, the richest, silverware, crystal,... to the most rustic, stoneware pot, wooden board, slate presentation plate....

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