Le Citron candle

Capturing the essence of warm days and the intense sun embracing lemon trees laden with juicy fruits, our vegetable wax scented candle promises a pure, revitalizing olfactory experience, imbued with sunny energy.

Relaxing moments accompanied by fresh lemonade, clinking ice cubes in glasses, and condensation beading on the glass, scarlet tomatoes, sun-drenched and sprinkled with lemon juice, offering a symphony of summer flavors.
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Type: Glass
Dimensions (cm): L (⌀8,5 H10)
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The story behind

Pierre Carron

The line is simple, agile, fluid and the design unfolds. Like Picasso in Vallauris, Pierre Carron explores drawing on earthenware and here is a unique collection, like a fantasy signed by the hand of the Master for CARRON. During his career, Pierre Carron produced monumental works such as the stained glass windows of the cathedral of Orleans, a double triptych for the Cathedral of Meaux. Click here to learn more about Pierre Carron

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