Rose-handle glass bell cloche

This rose handle glass bell jar cloche can be used to compliment your candles and to highlight your decor items and also protect them from dust
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Dimensions (cm): S ⌀9,5 H19 (Compatible with glass candle)
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Rose collection

The story behind


Inspired by the poetic essence of roses, the "Rose" collection serves as a virtual bridge between the antique Pompeian frescoes and the scents of rosa damascena, rosa centifolia, and rosa gallica Officinalis. From Pierre de Ronsard, who invites us to see "voir si la rose Qui ce matin avoit desclose Sa robe de pourpre au Soleil", to Pierre Carron, who lovingly cultivated the most beautiful antique roses, adorning the eyelids of my childhood. The collection offers a touch of sophistication and vintage charm, with delicate details inviting you to live with refinement and grace.

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