Crafting & Material

Faience is a type of ceramic that has its own unique qualities.

Historical Significance: Faience has a rich history dating back to ancient times. It was used extensively by the Egyptians, the Greeks, and other ancient civilizations for both utilitarian and decorative purposes.

Craftsmanship: The creation of faience objects often involves a higher level of craftsmanship than other mass-produced technics. Each piece is unique, reflecting the individual style and creativity of the artisan who made it.

Durability: Even if we craft it very thin, our faience is very durable. It's less likely to chip or crack than other technic items, which can make it a practical choice for everyday use.

Thermal Conductivity: Faience, due to its material properties, can maintain heat longer than most of other materials, making it a good choice for items like teapots, mugs, cups or serving dishes that need to keep things warm.

More informations on care & aging of ceramics on this pageSlight variances in shape, size & color may occur, part of the inherent charm of the CARRON handmade process, every one of our ceramic is unique. Any irregularities that may occur will never deter from the overall aesthetic of the product, or hinder its ability to be used as intended.