Visiting an Authentic Stone Engraving Studio with Stone Chisels

Visiting an Authentic Stone Engraving Studio with Stone Chisels

Some works are unusual and surprising.

Stone engrave has many aspects, put names on a tombstone at dawn, in the silence of a cemetery. Awake an ancient inscription on a centenary monument with a stone mason chisel. Sign the entry of a sumptuous villa on a marble slab.

This is the life Jules & Deborah choose, they kindly invited us to visit their workshop in Saint-Laurent du Var, in south of France.

Today the few remaining french stone carver use for most "industrial" techniques, Jules Hornn chooses to use the stone chisel, an archaic instrument through which he appoints, sign, illustrate with skill and precision stone, marble , ceramics etc ...

stone engrave instruments for stone and marble

Ancient know-how technics are poetic and charming. A small irregularity in a curve or the relief of a letter shoe gives their character to these engravings.

Against all odds the stone chisel technique offers better resistance over time compared to modern techniques.

To end our stay in beauty we had the opportunity to make a stone engrave ourselves !

marble stone engrave with chisel CARRON

They are the resistant of the beautiful and authentic. They work in Paris and in the south of France, they even realize stone furniture and garden pots.

If you want to see more of Jules Hornn's you can visit his website.

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