CARRON x Louis 1856 restaurant, France & Spain alliance

CARRON x Louis 1856 restaurant, France & Spain alliance

Moritz Factory

Louis 1856 is a gourmet restaurant in Barcelona. Opened in the Moritz Factory, downtown Barcelona. Located in the basement of the imposing building, it takes its name from Louis Moritz French brewer master who produced its first beer in Barcelona in 1856. It is not dining rooms, but large spaces, fantastic, disproportionate, look like a new York loft or a big kitchen batisses of the last century. The dimensions, volumes and materials are incredible, this space entirely highlighted by Jean NOUVEL, who knew better than anyone how to let the light in by the mirror set pyramids.

Jean Nouvel

This time, instead of bringing light to the bottom of the pyramids as the Egyptian did long time ago by a set of mirrors reflecting still further the sun, Jean Nouvel has used the pyramid to capture the light coming from the basement windows on the street, to restore it in the restaurant Louis 1856. From the street we get images of space on the sides of the pyramids, amazing show that these pyramids multiplying space and light, with of course a nod to the Louvre pyramid in Paris. Jean Nouvel has preserved the beauty of the building, just cleaning the walls of brick and stone, retaining where possible the original materials, majestic arches are deployed, transparencies allow to see all the Moritz beer machinery.

Moritz restaurant

Louis 1856, gastronomic restaurant "retromoderna" , with the "Guide Michelin" starred chef Jordi Vila

This gourmet restaurant that can be called "retromoderna", is led by "Guide Michelin" starred chef Jordi VILA whose idea is to make a mix between the best of French cooking and the best of Catalan cooking. Jordi Vila recovers the essence of the classic restaurant preserving all that is sublime and distinctive and, at the same time transform it into a revolutionary kitchen with the ambition to be a reference in the matter .. They choose CARRON's plates to try this exceptional culinary experience, a retro-modern cooking inspired from the past served in refined retro-modern dishes that also combine the excellence of the art of French ceramic discreet modernity.

Tables set with plates from CARRON & PINTO

These plates were created especially by Mathilde Carron-Astier de Villatte for Louis 1856 restaurant. Like Jordi Vila inspired by the traditional cuisine to modernize with its own codes, Mathilde re-interprets the classic forms of the past. Here the transparent enamel plays with shadows and lights on the "LM" monogram deposited on the plate's Marly. This voluntarily larger than usual monogram, takes the initials of Louis Moritz brewmaster. Jordi Vila full of character dishes, can deploy all their flavors in the finest dinnerware arts of the French table that re-interprets the forms of the past for the sake of not only the palate but also the eyes...

Moritz x CARRON

Alberto Pinto plates perfectly complement this production, its bestiary accompanying the beauty of the dishes presented.

Food service gastronomic restaurant Louis 1856 Barcelona

The waiters ballet is spectacular, dressed in jackets and arched dark plaid pants, they captivates the attention with culinary preparations games live on stainless steel trolleys, you will see the sauces spread, the salt crust break, cakes take shape in front of your eyes, omelettes ignite, fish getting whiter in the flame .... We are in Spain, strong and majestic, restaurant Louis 1856.

To illustrate this adventure , photos that make all the vital energy of the place are made by photographer Joan Cuito.

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