How to repair ceramics, dishes, vases etc...

In this exemple we will see how to fix a broken ceramic plate.

You need a Cyanolit type glue (available everywhere, you can search online), it is an liquid infiltration glue, it spread inside the broken piece when you apply it. A surprising fact is that this american glue was used during the war by soldiers for emergencys, like closing open wound.

In a first place we are going to apply the glue on 3 points on the front and 3 points on the back of the plate, for this it is better to have an assistant that will hold the two parts while you apply the glue. Just apply the 3 points on each side, check that the two parts are well placed and wait for 20 seconds.
At this point the plate is half fixed, now we are going to reinforce ir by applying the glue on all the broken part, the best way to do it is to apply the glue on the back side of the plate, so the glue will not be visible on the front side. 

Hold it for one minute, then let it dry 24 hours and your done !