Muse vase

Calliope is the muse who inspired the poet in the painting by Nicolas Poussin "inspiration du poête" directed in 1630. This painting is in the Louvre Museum in Paris. Mathilde Carron-Astier de Villatte worked on Nicolas Poussin's artwork, in particular for an exhibition which was held at "les Beaux Arts de Paris" on the sidelines of the great Poussin retrospective at the Grand Palais in 1994. There she worked under the eye of the sculptor Georges Jeanclos, the art of bas-reliefs. The idea of this tall vase Calliope, muse of lyric poetry, barely naked, moved slowly in her mind, returning later to decorate vases, tiles, bas-reliefs.
  • Entirely handmade in France, every piece is unique
  • Made with black terracotta clay, glazed to create a milky white finish
  • Perfect for every day use, surprisingly light, extremely durable & dishwasher-safe
  • Designed by Mathilde Carron-Astier de Villatte, inspired by the 18th & 19th century designs
  • Our ceramics are made to order
  • Ships in one to four weeks
  • 8-30 days for international delivery

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