We Craft High-End
Made in France Dinnerware

The Tableware Haute Couture

A long & complex Crafting Process

Every Piece is Unique

Made in France Marie-Antoinette High Ende knot cups
Very detailed little sculpture affixed on this Mon Ange vase, right before its enamel bath

The Magic happens in Mathilde Carron-Astier de Villatte’s Atelier. Every piece can comport small size, details & hues variations that makes it so Precious and Unique.

Mathilde's Atelier of Made in France Ceramics

Some things get more beautiful with time…

We use Long Lasting, High End Ecological Materials

The receipt is kept secret, we use a French Terra Cotta & lead free enamel. Our ceramics can go in the dishwasher without any problem but cannot be used in the microwave.

Our story

About the brand

Mathilde Carron-Astier de Villatte, Designer and Artist since always had a lot of demand from all over the world for theses beautiful Ceramics. This is why she decided to create her own brand with Charles Durand in 2015, to answer a growing demand for authentic handmade products. You can read more about Mathilde in this Bio.
céramistes CARRON

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White Ceramic Large coffee cup

Ceramic Cups

( picture : collection charles )

Minimalist Ceramic Medium bowl

Ceramic Bowls

( picture : collection Paris )

Ceramic Garden pot

Ceramic Pots & Vases

( picture : collection Mon Jules )

Thin ceramic Made in France Flat plate

Ceramic Plates

( picture : collection Campagne )

Curved Ceramic Shallow platter

Ceramic Platters

( picture : collection Mademoiselle )


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